– Personalized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Unlocking Business Capabilities Using Data Intelligence

By creating personalized Artificial Intelligence solutions, we adapt the technology to your business, so you can seamlessly integrate data into your daily decisions.

We help small-to-large companies to make informed decisions promoting efficient opportunity handling.

We help you create a more efficient version of your business, always adapting to new realities

Leveraging the power of evidence-driven decision-making using Artificial Intelligence, we will become your partner to

Identify opportunities

Using data to discover
what can be improved in your business, what bottlenecks currently exist, and defining a clear roadmap for tackling them using AI.

Validate main assumptions

Our AI-driven agile methodology promotes an efficient validation process, looking to assess the expected impact of the opportunity while identifying and mitigating potential risks.

Making it happen

We develop and integrate the final solution in your business workflow, so you can start making evidence-driven decisions.


Data Ignite: Design Thinking for AI

An overview of our methodology for ideation, validation, execution, and growth of AI projects.

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How We Deliver?

Do it yourself

Learn our AI methodology

  • Discover our methodology for AI consulting
  • Templates and Tools to make your AI projects succeed
  • Learn how to mitigate risks in AI projects
  • Online courses in AI, both on technical and business topics
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Get instant access to AI experts

  • Schedule meetings with AI experts
  • AI consultants as a service
  • Discover the viability of your idea
  • Brainstorm alternative ways of tackling your AI projects
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Execution of AI projects

  • Get access to experts following our methodology for AI innovation
  • Develop your AI projects from ideation to execution
  • Outsource AI model development
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We master a diverse set of AI technologies

We combine the knowledge from a team with experience in a wide range of industries

Natural Language Processing
Recommender Systems

Trusted by leading companies globally

We have worked on dozens of projects with clients around the world. Our clients range from small startups to large corporations on a wide range of industries.

44 Clients
22 Industries
20 Countries

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