We have strong convictions that:

  • For a company to stay ahead, it must constantly evolve and keep up with an ever-competitive market.
  • We believe that Artificial Intelligence is the only existing technology that allows companies to attain such levels of adaptability and competitiveness.
  • Using data wisely leads to better, fairer, and more cost-effective decisions at scale, especially in an increasingly digital world where every action can have an enormous impact.
  • The top challenges to transforming businesses with AI are human rather than technical: organizational culture, people, and processes.
  • We are in a unique position to create and implement the most effective strategies for integrating AI into businesses.


We will become the standard for AI adoption, making any company highly efficient, ever-improving, and adaptable.


We guide managers in using AI to improve their business processes. We aim to help every company worldwide make efficient decisions at scale based on data. Companies should aim for the highest efficiency and adaptability; AI is the single tool that allows it. (and NILG.AI is the vehicle)

We make the transformative process of any company with AI a smooth journey with precise, predictable results. Our daily focus is on eliminating uncertainty and ensuring a high success rate.

We achieve this by bringing clarity to each decision on the road to AI adoption. We strive to set a standard for how companies make decisions about using AI, simplifying them so that any manager can confidently start using AI.


AI can be as disruptive as the printing press, the steam engine, the electricity, or computers. However, the current hype on the technical aspects of it leads to massive failed attempts to implement it in organizations.

AI is on hype, and the market focus is on the technical components: data, algorithms, and infrastructure. But, the most crucial element is being neglected: people.

So, we have the opportunity to set the foundation for the successful adoption of AI systems that truly bring predictable change to organizations, allowing more efficient decision-making at scale.

We understand that to make AI successful at transforming companies, it’s not enough to make it accurate. It has to make sense for the organization. It has to be adopted by their teams. It has to bring predictable success rates and not just “be sexy.”


NILG.AI sets the standard for decision-making around AI adoption. We focus our entire efforts on making each decision to transform a company with AI into a conscious one. So, daily:

  • We analyze each challenge we get when implementing AI projects, removing all the noise and dissecting the core question we need to answer.
  • We define the standards for achieving the optimal solution—an objective solution with quantifiable success rates.
  • We validate our strategy across industries and applications.

To become the standard, we understand we need to  be successful in three directions:

  • We should enable others to embrace it as their own de facto process to implement AI in businesses. So, we will extensively share our insights and methods across business and technical audiences.
  • We must define the AI roadmap and strategy that creates the most successful organizations in their industry.
  • We must implement success cases at our customer’s organizations and through our products that validate our process.


NILG.AI is formed by a team with insatiable ambition, always looking for better ways to deliver change. That aims for the best potential results.

Our team lives to empower our customers and ecosystems to adopt AI. We make them as successful as we are in this journey by sharing the insights of our proven strategy. We give them the tools to replicate, validate, and benefit from our methods.

NILG.AI is a team of reliable professionals who deliver consistent results. A team that you can rely on. We are accountable; we take the wheel of our destiny. Our team can learn from each outcome because we own our success.

Our team is agile. We can quickly adapt to a constantly changing world, just as our customers do with AI. We use resources efficiently, validate fast, learn, improve, and deliver results.