NILG.AI in the AI community

Creating a culture of knowledge-sharing

Connecting and being connected greatly impact how we positively interact with others. At NILG.AI, we are not only focused on helping businesses unlock their capabilities, but we also make our mission sharing with the world how to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This knowledge-centered culture is one of our greatest pride and a trait that makes us stand out in the industry of AI companies in Portugal.

Networking and sharing knowledge

Francisca Morgado, sharing about our work at VISUM, with other AI companies in PortugalIn the past months, we made it our priority to network among the community. We focused not only on sharing our knowledge but also on learning from others’ experiences. It doesn’t matter if it is from afar, through a screen, or right there in the room, we never miss an opportunity to participate or even organize events! That’s why we have actively participated in over 10 events in the last year as speakers, co-organizers, and sponsors.

We want to give special thanks to all who have helped us get deep into the community, particularly VISUM, Fintech House, INOPOL, Cesae Digital, and Antoine from TICE.Leiria.

Our take on recurrent concerns in Artificial Intelligence

Kelwin Fernandes, sharing with others what AI companies are doing in Portugal in the area of cybersecurity.As a result of our experience, we constantly notice the need to spread awareness on how to apply AI in the industry. AI and Machine Learning algorithms have become such a buzzword that everyone wants to shove them into their current pipelines without the proper thought. 

In that sense, we saw the need to advocate for a more thoughtful, safer, and systematic way of deploying AI. Consequently, as the result of the combined experience from hundreds of projects, we developed our own methodology, Data Ignite.

Data Ignite is a Design Thinking approach to AI consulting for ideation, validation, execution, and growth of AI projects, and we are happy to share it!

Course, Templates

Data Ignite

Master our methodology now.

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A message to the community

We have grown so much from the communities that we contact. Whether it is students, specialized researchers, or business-oriented, different perspectives are welcome to challenge our view of AI. We want to be on the top of AI companies in Portugal. We can only do that by giving back to our community!

Thus, we are willing to reach further and further every day. We are committed to exchanging more experiences, stories, and challenges. So, if you want to organize an AI event with us, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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