Why and how we changed

A walk though the journey of our brand.


As time passes, any trustworthy company must evolve to improve and give more. For the past four years, we have been doing just that. Finally, the moment came when we saw the need to transmit our more ambitious vision.

Our starting point

When we went into business in 2018, the team was just Kelwin and me, husband and wife, and later, business partners.

We were building something from scratch, an idea that had been cooking for a long time in Kelwin’s mind. He shared his vision –AI tangible and obtainable to any company– and I got on board and partook in getting us there.

NILG.AI was born

Creating a meaningful image to transmit and support that vision was essential for us. We brainstormed hard for days to find a name. Suddenly nilgai came into the table, and we knew that was it.

The nilgai is the largest Asian antelope. The word nilgai has Hindi origins. It comes from the fusion of the words nil (“blue”) and gai (“cow”). They are known as the blue bull.

In bullish markets, businesses prosper. For us, a blue bull represents a business moving forward to reach the next level.

A point split the name, and NILG.AI became a word game that represents a growing business from AI.

Our first logo and colors

We reinforced our name concept by having the nilgai profile in the center, creating the l and the g. After all, we are the blue bull!

Old Logo

For our primary color, we knew it had to be blue for a business representing trust, reliability, and quality. And we are proud to say that we have honored our color.

Over these years, we have built long-lasting relationships with clients that have been relying on and trusting us since our beginnings.

Nonetheless, the years passed, and we realized that both our image and platform, our face to the world, started to fall short. They set us apart from our path and vision, as well as how we wanted to communicate.

The new NILG.AI

In 2021, we decided it was time to take the next step, and we started planning a rebranding. But, it was more than just our looks. It started inside out. 

We meditated about where we were, an internally knowledge-centered organization, and how we wanted to externalize our culture. We were ready to go beyond the boundaries of a consulting company to become an educational platform for Artificial Intelligence. And so we did.

Our new looks

We needed a fresh image that truthfully transmitted our long-term vision and what we wanted to transmit.

Today NILG.AI is business blue in combination with our (freshly introduced) up-to-date technology orange.

Our logo went through a transformation as well. It seems subtle, but in fact, it makes it very meaningful. 


You can still read our name in it, but our nilgai profile now shows the business elevating with the technology. And just like it, we are committed to helping others reach higher levels of efficiency, adaptability, and reliability using the most advanced methods in AI.

Our platform


So, where do all these plans materialize? On our own platform. Here we communicate, we share, we connect.

We made our methodology available, allowing any business to learn how to consistently improve using AI. We also created other courses that share our internal way of tackling AI problems. 

Course, Templates

Data Ignite

Improve your business using AI. Discover our methodology.

Learn More

Now, we are also easily accessible. With a few clicks, you can get to us, know us and discuss your challenges in a heartbeat. Isn’t that just great?


Our take on this process

This process was a significant milestone for us, but there is yet so much more to come. We have many plans in the pipeline to continue to help us fulfill our long-term vision. We are incredibly excited about it!

As it is, we now know our brand will never really be finished because we are meant to evolve constantly. It represents what we are and promise to be, so it will be in perpetual development, just like us.

Stay tuned to find out about our next steps!

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