NILG.AI is among the winners of the Vox Pop Open Call for Urban Mobility solutions

The Vox Pop project aims to target urban mobility challenges in the most vulnerable communities of Lisbon, Portugal.

Out of 53 applications, the judges chose 18 projects, and NILG.AI earned the second-highest score for its innovative solution to improve mobility for wheelchair users.

We are passionate about using data intelligence to drive positive change in communities, and this challenge allowed us to do just that.

The challenge

The existence of multiple barriers to mobility deprives a lot of wheelchair users of following a specific path on the street. Currently, wheelchair users must carefully plan the route they will take ahead of time. 

However, information about the accessibility of public spaces is not easily accessible nor updated, making wheelchair users make risky decisions, such as shifting to the road to surpass a particular obstacle.

SafeJourney, our proposed solution

SafeJourney uses Deep Learning trained with satellite, street, and geographical data to calculate an accessibility index for users of electric and mechanical wheelchairs. 

We calculate the accessibility index based on factors such as: whether the sidewalk is irregular, whether the crosswalk has sufficient width, whether the crosswalk has a ramp, and the slope of the region, among other indicators. It will be calculated for thousands of points in Lisbon, providing information about what regions are friendlier for users in wheelchairs.

In the long term, this solution can be used not only by wheelchair users directly but also by service providers (e.g., restaurants/real estate) to give these users more detailed information about the region.

As we recognize the importance of addressing the mobility challenges faced by wheelchair users, we are proud to work on this challenge to help turn vulnerable communities into more inclusive ones.

Check our initial progress here.

Are you looking to implement a solution like this one in your business? Contact us!



This project – to be released under (CC BY-ND 4.0) – will be developed until August 2023, and is a part of Open Call Vox Pop Lisboa, which is co-funded by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional, through the initiative “Ações Urbanas Inovadoras (UIA)”. 

This Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.


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