A new era has arrived for NILG.AI

From an AI consulting company to an AI ecosystem

Happy birthday!

Today is NILG.AI’s fourth anniversary. Happy birthday to us!

For most humans, birthdays are a synonym for getting older and leaving the good days of the youth behind.
For companies, they are a moment to reflect on everything we achieved, recognize how far we have come, and envision how far we will go.

So, let’s go over our journey together in this article.

The Past

Four years ago, I started NILG.AI with the vision of making AI tangible and attainable to most companies, from small startups to global corporations.
We have moved from a one-man army to a solid team of forward-looking people looking to fulfill this vision.

Over the last four years, we have built some long-lasting partnerships with clients that have walked together with us since our inception. We want to truly thank them for all the trust they have deposited in us.

The Present

Our culture is knowledge-centered. It has helped us to use AI to unlock business capabilities across industries and countries.
Two years ago, we started documenting our way of thinking, abstracting our customer challenges into general thinking patterns, and creating a reproducible method of arriving at our solutions (even by someone out of the AI field). The outcome of that process is Data Ignite. A methodology inspired by Design Thinking to define and promote a successful execution of an AI strategy at any company.

Course, Templates

Data Ignite

Reduce failures in AI projects by learning our methodology.

Learn More

Knowledge is the currency of the 21st century. So, we must create, acquire, nurture, and, most importantly, make it flow. It has to circulate to become valuable. So, today during our fourth anniversary, we are going beyond consulting to an educational platform for Artificial Intelligence. We opened (and we will keep opening) our methodology on ebooks, courses, and videos to guarantee anyone can benefit from data-driven decision-making. Look at our methodology (here) and courses (here).

Knowledge is the currency of the 21st century. So, we must create, acquire, nurture, and, most importantly, make it flow. It has to circulate to become valuable.

Besides opening our methodology, we are changing our image. We went through a rebranding process to better fit our larger goal. I hope you enjoy it and start identifying with our brand, values, and culture.

I want to thank all the team members who made this change possible. Special thanks to Paulo Maia and Nohelia González that worked relentlessly in this process. Also, thanks to our external partners that helped us materialize our vision.

The Future

Our next step is to go beyond consulting and education and become a true AI ecosystem. That’s why we are now looking to expand it to other areas. So, if you are in any close domain and you are as excited as us about AI, reach us. We are looking for partnerships across disciplines (e.g., Legal, Marketing, VCs) to arrive at concrete ways of doing AI in a sound, scalable and reproducible way across industries.

Let’s talk. Let’s solve big multidisciplinary problems around AI. Let’s make AI accessible to others.

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Stay tuned for more!

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