Insights from UPTEC NON STOP

Let's create an ecosystem of solvers for AI projects

Last month, we participated in UPTEC NON-STOP, an event celebrating the 15th anniversary of UPTEC.

UPTEC is the Science and Technology Park at the University of Porto, where businesses and academia meet to exchange ideas. During the event, local startups incubated at UPTEC (NILG.AI included), and French startups promoted by Accelerateur M pitched their business to the community of entrepreneurs and investors.

It was a great experience to present NILG.AI at the event. We had the opportunity to discover other startups accelerated at UPTEC, and we met exciting people who will help us through our journey to empower any company with AI.

From all the great projects at the event, I would like to highlight the ones that work with our most beloved knowledge area, Artificial Intelligence:

  • Agit: recognizing your workouts with computer vision to have a personal trainer on your phone.
  • Smartex: using computer vision to detect artifacts in the textile industry, preventing materials from ending up in waste fields.
  • Xpectraltek: with their spectral imaging solutions applied to agriculture and cultural heritage.

And, of course, NILG.AI – unlocking business capabilities using data intelligence. Our goal is to bring AI to any industry, creating ever-improving versions of our client’s businesses through AI. We are looking for potential partners with a particular interest in AI in areas such as:

  • Legal: IP and regulations.
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Venture Capital

The goal is to create an ecosystem of solvers for AI projects. If you can bring some good insights into any of those fields, drop us a line here.

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