NILG.AI among the winning startups of HODCON Challenge 2022

NILG.AI among the winning startups of HODCON Challenge 2022

We are proud to announce that NILG.AI was among the winning startups of the open call for the Hands on Data 2022 Conference. 

Hands on Data is an open innovation initiative that creates matchmaking opportunities between major corporations in the Ruhr area and global startups. From a pool of over 100 applications of start-ups from 15 countries, NILG.AI  was chosen to work on 2 out of 6 challenges (Iqony – formely STEAG GmbH – and Vonovia).  You can find a list of all the challenges on the Hands on Data website. As a result of this, on the 26th of January, we were present in the kick-off event at the HOD Kick-off event at the Bryck Tower in Essen, Germany.

Combustion optimization / Iqony

Iqony (formerly STEAG GmbH) is an energy solutions provider – synonymous with safe and efficient power generation within Germany and abroad for more than 80 years.

Driven by efficiency improvement and emissions reduction, we are going to collaborate with Iqony to use machine learning and image processing of camera-captured combustion processes to optimize their operations.

Photo by Hands on Data (on BRYCK.COM Tower), showcasing the outcome of a brainstorming session with Iqony

Image Insights / Vonovia

Vonovia, Europe’s leading private residential real estate company, currently owns around 550.000 residential units. You might remember Vonovia from the previous challenge we worked on with them – Flat Finder.

Driven by tenant satisfaction and as a modern service provider, Vonovia will use AI to recognize, categorize, and describe damaged appliances and fixtures from pictures taken by tenants. The idea is to extract key information that enables the customer service team to find a suitable remedy with minimum delay.

We would like to congratulate as well the other startups that made it through the program (ROOMHERO, Gapzero, othermo, Deeplify)  as well as the corporate partners (STEAG GmbH, Evonik, OGE, Vonovia, and RAG Aktiengesellschaft) and organizers for their contribution to building relevant collaboration opportunities.

Photo at BRYCK.COM tower, showcasing a working session with Vonovia’s team.

We look forward to working with Vonovia and Iqony for the next three months on this intensive collaboration to showcase our results!

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