We are happy to announce our workshop in Self-Supervised Learning at the XIII Symposium on Bioengineering, the biggest Portuguese Bioengineering congress! 

The Symposium on Bioengineering is organized by Bioengineering Students’ Association for students and researchers, and is guided by three simple principles: promoting scientific excellence and innovation; building global bridges between participants, speakers and the different areas of Bioengineering; and ensuring an accessible and dynamic knowledge sharing.

On our side, unlocking business capabilities using Data Intelligence is our motto and thus, we have been able to do it all around the world, in a wide range of fields that intersect with Bioengineering! Some of those examples include support on medical diagnosis, optimization of internal processes in hospitals and validation of compliance in medical environments. 

To do so, we have a team specialized in data science that is constantly seeking new knowledge and state of the art methodologies, as part of the NILG.AI culture.

If you are interested in learning more about AI or just looking for a partner in corporate training, get in contact with us at info@nilg.ai or follow us in our socials. Exciting things are coming!