Link to Leaders Awarded NILG.AI Startup of the Month

Enabling corps to use AI through Open Innovation

NILG.AI is Startup of the Month

Link to Leaders awarded NILG.AI the Startup of the Month (check news). Beta-i nominated us after winning two of their Open Innovation challenges: VOXPOP Urban Mobility Initiatives and Re-Source.

AI with Geospatial Data

At VOXPOP, NILG.AI built an AI-based mobility index for wheelchair users for the municipality of Lisbon (SafeJourney). The AI model looks at open data from the city, satellite, and street view imagery to identify potential obstacles for wheelchair users around a given area.

We’re planning to extend to the rest of Europe. The index enables wheelchair users to make informed decisions about housing, jobs, education, and leisure choices.

At Re-Source, we use AI to help Algar optimize its garbage collection process. Our AI models will help them optimize the positioning of new trash bins by predicting garbage demand patterns.

Open Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

So far, NILG.AI has won 6 Open Innovation Challenges. Besides the two aforementioned challenges, we’ve won 4 Hands-on Data challenges:

  • Flat Finder: where we built a recommendation engine for Vonovia (the largest Real Estate company in Europe). The system enables the company’s newsletter and website to improve the matching of apartments to prospective tenants.
  • Combustion Optimization: We helped Iqony (formerly STEAG) leverage Computer Vision models to optimize the control process of energy-intensive processes that rely on combustion (cement production and waste-to-energy plants).
  • Image Insights: We built Computer Vision and Natural Language Models to understand tenants’ support tickets, understand the damages, and assign them to the right team.
  • Service Finder: an active project with TÜV Nord, where we’re leveraging Generative AI to recommend the right service to each one of their leads and customers.

NILG.AI positive impact in the industry and world

These six projects have a huge positive impact on their industries and the world. We’re talking about improved mobility, environmental impact, and housing, among other things. Thanks to all our customers and partners for allowing us to be part of this story: Beta-i, Hands-on Data, Lisbon Municipality, Algar, Vonovia, Iqony, and TÜV Nord.

Also, I would like to thank each current and past member of NILG.AI personally.
Each of you contributed to being recognized as Startup of the Month. Each of you contributed to the positive impact NILG.AI has in our world.

Thank you all for trusting NILG.AI

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