NILG.AI will be at the Iqony Technology Days 2023

Showcasing findings and lessons on AI-Powered Combustion Optimization

Innovation drives the future of the industry, and at NILG.AI, we’re committed to leading this charge. Therefore, we’re excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Iqony Technology Days 2023, scheduled for this September in Brühl, Cologne. Our enthusiasm is fueled by our recent victory in the Hands On Data (HOD) challenge earlier this year. 


NILG.AI’s CEO, Kelwin Fernandes, will share findings and lessons learned from the HOD and Iqony’s project Combustion Optimization. Along with Volker Stephan, they’ll delve into how Artificial Intelligence can effectively address energy-intensive combustion processes.


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What’s the Iqony Technology Days 2023 all about?

The Iqony Technology Days 2023 is a comprehensive information hub for all IT-based plant monitoring and optimization. This event provides a platform for renowned brand-name companies, users, and experts to openly discuss their operational experiences across a broad spectrum of energy assets, encompassing PV, wind, waste-to-energy, and thermal power.

Join us on an exhilarating journey as we explore the limitless potential of AI in shaping a sustainable and efficient future.

Lastly, please visit this link for the event’s agenda and registration details. Also, follow Dennis Braun for more insights!


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