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Can Your Business Optimize AI Predictive Models?

Predictive models are transforming the AI landscape. They can forecast future events, identify past occurrences, and even predict present situations. However, building a successful predictive model is not as simple as it seems. To achieve an effective predictive model, you need to consider three crucial moments: the prediction time, the prediction window, and the data […]

Written by on May 8, 2024

Is Your Business Ready for Generative AI Risks?

Generative AI is a powerful tool that many companies are rushing to incorporate into their operations. However, it’s crucial to understand the possible risks associated with this technology. In this article, we’ll discuss the top nine risks that could impact your business’s readiness for AI integration. Stay ahead of the curve, and make sure you’re […]

Written by on May 6, 2024

Can the STAR Framework Streamline Your AI Projects?

As a manager dealing with AI projects, you may often find yourself overwhelmed. The constant addition of promising projects to the backlog can lead to a mounting technical debt within your team, forcing you to neglect the core aspects of your business. Here at NILG.AI, we have a solution for this challenge: the STAR framework. […]

Written by on May 1, 2024

Will AI Impact Your Future Job?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves across all industries and is ready to change every aspect of our professional lives. Today, as we stand on the edge of a technological revolution, the future of AI and its impact on the job market has become a hot topic of discussion. In this article, we’ll offer our […]

Written by on Apr 24, 2024

Can Machine Learning Revolutionize Your Business?

Today, the buzz around machine learning (ML) is louder than ever. But what is it exactly, and more importantly, can it revolutionize your business? In essence, ML is a technology that empowers machines to learn from data, improve over time, and make predictive decisions. It has the potential to redefine how businesses operate. In this […]

Written by on Apr 17, 2024

Can ‘Old but Gold’ Predictions Minimize AI Costs?

There’s a common pattern in artificial intelligence (AI) where large corporations build massive infrastructures to support their AI use cases. The goal is to make quick predictions and constantly update with new data to scale up your infrastructure. However, this approach often overlooks the trade-off between infrastructure cost and the size of the opportunity that […]

Written by on Apr 11, 2024

Can AI Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the marketing industry today. It can analyze large amounts of data to create tailored experiences, helping companies boost their sales and improve customer satisfaction. In this article, we’ll explore AI’s impact across the different stages of the customer journey and how you can apply it in your marketing. Importance of […]

Written by on Apr 6, 2024

Can AI Turn Your Business Risks into Opportunities?

  Facing risks is a part of business. Some risks are so small you might not even notice them, while others are so big they could shut you down. However, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can now transform these risks into opportunities. In this article, we’ll show you how to use AI to mitigate […]

Written by on Mar 30, 2024

How Often Should You Retrain Machine Learning Models?

A common question in the domain of AI and machine learning is: how often should you retrain machine learning models? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a process that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. In this article, we’ll explore three strategies for deciding when […]

Written by on Mar 23, 2024

Reject Option: Your AI Model Has the Right to Remain Silent

When it comes to AI models, we often expect them always to provide an answer. But what if we could trust them more when they choose to remain silent? This concept, known as the ‘Reject option‘, allows AI models to abstain from answering when they are not confident, opening up many applications in your business […]

Written by on Mar 16, 2024