NILG.AI’s Success Story with Vonovia at the Hands on Data Conference 2023

Discover NILG.AI's innovative approach to Data Challenges.

Bastian Bastian Winkenbach, Head of Advanced Analytics at Vonovia and Kelwin Fernanades, CEO at NILG.AI at the Hands On Data Conference 2023

In the dynamic world of AI, NILG.AI continues to shine as a beacon of innovation and excellence. At the Hands on Data Conference 2023 (HODcon), our spotlight shone on our journey on the “Image Insight” Challenge with Vonovia, Europe’s leading housing company. Our CEO, Kelwin Fernandes, took the stage alongside Bastian Winkenbach, Head of Advanced Analytics at Vonovia, to share NILG.AI’s Success Story on this challenge. But guess what? The path was not so straightforward.


So here comes the story of the “Image Insight” Challenge

The purpose of the “Image Insight” Challenge was to recognize damages in tenants’ reports to minimize delays and enhance customer support, but no data was available. So, when we were building the proposal, we constructed a dataset from images scraped from the internet to ensure that if we were chosen, we had the tools needed to carry on with the project successfully.

And we won, Yay! 

The project had already started, and there was a sudden setback: Vonovia’s legal team alerted us of their preference for not using public data scraped from the net. It was best to play safe. What could we do? The project was already going!

Our solution to a major data issue

At the time, we were (and still are) right at the center of the generative AI hype, and we so right into this opportunity: Using generative AI to generate synthetic data of appliance pictures and emails from tenants complaining about issues in their flats. And just like that, we managed to train the initial models with synthetic data while preserving the tenants’ privacy and ensuring the project’s success.

Want to know more about our solution with generative AI? Check our videos:


Kelwin, CEO sharing NILG.AI's success story

The other side of the success story: Our Journey with Vonovia

Vonovia, a prominent player in Europe’s housing sector, had previously collaborated with NILG.AI on the “Flat Finder” Challenge. Building on our previous success, we embarked on a new chapter together with theImage Insight” Challenge. NILG.AI’s success story at the Hands on Data Conference focuses not only on the positive outcome of our latest challenge but also on the long-lasting and fruitful relationships we have had the chance to build with amazing Corps.



Our participation in the Hands on Data Conference 2023 was a momentous occasion for NILG.AI, as it allowed us to share with other entrepreneurs our success story and highlight our flourishing partnerships. 

We’re deeply honored to acknowledge our longstanding association with the Hands on Data (HOD) Conference, where we have emerged victorious in three remarkable challenges so far — two alongside Vonovia: “Flat Finder” and “Image Insight” Challenges and one with Iqony (formerly STEAG GmbH): Combustion Optimization Challenge. Check the insights of the “Combustion Optimization” Challenge in our Interview with Dennis Braun from Iqony.  

These victories underscore our consistent commitment to innovation and problem-solving in the field of AI. Our journey with HOD has been instrumental in shaping our path, and we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI excellence in future endeavors.


Images courtesy of the Hands On Data Conference 2023 team.

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