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Spatial Explanations: Unlocking Insights with Occlusions

Spatial Explanations with Occlusions: In computer vision, businesses must grasp the workings of image models to fully leverage visual data. Our simple method called spatial explanations with occlusions, helps achieve a deeper understanding. By employing spatial occlusions across images, this technique unveils critical areas that significantly influence the model’s predictions.” What to do with these […]

Written by on Aug 2, 2023

Multiple Product Forecasting in the construction industry

In this article, we will cover a use case in the construction industry related to forecasting the needed materials for construction and the time in which they will be required. In the construction industry, there is a lot of uncertainty between the order time and the time in which it is actually executed, due to […]

Written by on Nov 9, 2021

Explainable AI in Healthcare

Transparency is of utmost importance when AI is applied to high stake decision problems where additional information on the underlying process beyond the output of the model may be required. Taking the automation of loan attribution as an example, a client that has a loan denied will surely want to know why did that happen […]

Written by on Nov 24, 2020

Embedding Domain Knowledge for Estimating Customer Lifetime Value

As part of the rise of Deep Neural Networks in the ML community, we have observed an increasing fit-predict approach, where AI practitioners don’t take the time to think about the domain knowledge that is already available and how to embed that knowledge in the models. In this blogpost, we will cover how we created […]

Written by on Apr 6, 2020

Appendix: Embedding Domain Knowledge for Estimating Customer Lifetime Value

This is an appendix to the blog post Embedding Domain Knowledge for Estimating Customer Lifetime Value. We will describe some alternatives we considered for solving the proposed problem, but did not end up being implemented. First, let’s assume we have a pre-trained model for estimating the probability of the target and . Estimating Lifetime Value using […]

Written by on Apr 6, 2020