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In medio stat virtus? Not always!

The Problem What do you do when the model is underperforming? When the models’ performance does not meet our expectations, we usually spend time searching for the flaws, selecting and analyzing the cases where it failed to understand why it happened. Then, we try to apply more robust solutions, train, test, and repeat. In some […]

Written by on Apr 10, 2023

Speeding up Science: AI tools for Pharma

At NILG.AI, our motto is “Unlocking business capabilities using Data Intelligence”, since we see Artificial Intelligence as a powerful tool designed to maximize the potential of human activity. A lot of fields have been taking advantage of the AI revolution creating more efficient systems able to get more accurate results while saving time and operation […]

Written by on Jun 1, 2021

Keyboard Layout Optimization for ALS Patients

In case you missed it, you may find below our webinar in collaboration with DSSG. For most of us, typing is the easiest part of transmitting a written message: we type and walk without even looking at the keyboard. I rewrote this abstract 3-4 times – writing wasn’t the issue, the message was. For ALS […]

Written by on Apr 9, 2021

Artificial Intelligence at COVID19

Every aspect of our daily routines was hit by COVID this year, from our work and industries to social interactions. Nine months have passed since we started lockdowns, and the numbers are still increasing. So, in this article we wanted to discuss what we can do with Artificial Intelligence at COVID-19. The general public opinion […]

Written by on Nov 29, 2020

Explainable AI in Healthcare

Transparency is of utmost importance when AI is applied to high stake decision problems where additional information on the underlying process beyond the output of the model may be required. Taking the automation of loan attribution as an example, a client that has a loan denied will surely want to know why did that happen […]

Written by on Nov 24, 2020

Fighting cervical cancer with Artificial Intelligence

In case you missed it. You may find below our webinar on the Symposium on Bioengineering 2020 at FEUP. Also, we reply to some answers that we didn’t have time to answer during the talk. Abstract Despite being easily preventable, cervical cancer remains a leading cause of death among women — the main reason behind […]

Written by on Aug 25, 2020

Detecting Errors in Insurance Claims

Insurance codes are used by people’s health plan to make decisions about how much your doctor and other healthcare providers should be paid.  There is some variety of coding systems currently used [1]: Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, used by physicians to describe the services they provide. Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS),  used by […]

Written by on May 5, 2020

AI in healthcare: from disease to society

Artificial Intelligence certainly has an impact on every industry and aspect of our daily lives. One of the hottest topics is the application of AI in healthcare though still mostly in a retrospective (in silico) validation scenario and not on actual large-scale randomized trials. While we work on achieving General Artificial Intelligence (or at least […]

Written by on Feb 11, 2020